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Harrow Vapor Ultralite racquet review

I’ve been using Harrow Vapor Ultralite since 2017, and I really like it. The racquet is well balanced, maneuverable, and allows me to have a lot of control without sacrificing power. The factory string is Harrow Barrage Pro 18G, the tension seems to be somewhere in between 20-22 lbs (you may feel a bit loose) even though the manufacturer says 28. A lot of people immediately restring a newly bought racquet, but you don’t have to do that if you buy this racquet because the Harrow Barrage Pro 18G string is very decent. Of course, if you don’t like the tension, then restring it.

Harrow Vapor has multiple line-ups:

  • Vapor: 140 g / Balance 380 mm

  • Vapor Misfit: 140 g / balance 380 mm

  • Vapor Ultralite: 135 g / balance 380 mm

  • Vapor Ultralite Raneem Welily custom: 140 g / balance 380 mm

The Vapor Ultralite is 135 g whereas other Vapor racquets are 140 g. These are fully equipped weights - including frame, string, grip and grommets. Since other racquet brands only display frame weight, Harrow racquets appear to look heavier in comparison. However, this is not true. For instance, Technifibre Carboflex 125S says it’s 125 g but the actual weight (fully equipped) is heavier than 150 g.

Technifibre Carboflex 125S fully equipped weight = 152 g,

Harrow Vapor Ultralite fully equipped weight = 141 g. I put a Karakal PU grip.

Good looking

Yes, the two blue stripes on white matte frame make the racquet look classy.


The racquet is pretty light and maneuverable, thereby allowing me to swing faster. Don’t forget that power comes from your backswing and swing speed. There is a myth that heavier racquets provide you with greater power but this is not necessarily true. If your swing speed becomes slower as a result of swinging a heavier racquet, your ball speed will also decrease. So far, I haven’t had any problems generating power with this Vapor Ultralite.


The dense 14 x 19 string pattern provides me with nice control. I restring my Vapor Ultralite racquet at 20 lbs (or sometimes even lower) because of its dense pattern. I used to restring at 25 lbs when I used a teardrop racquet, which has longer main string and a less dense string pattern. Thanks to its light weight, I can react quickly to the ball and hold to taxi my opponent!


Hmmmmm. this is very subjective. I’ve only broken 6 racquets over 23 years of my squash career (knock on wood!). I’ve heard some negative feedback about the durability of Harrow racquets, but I’m very satisfied with Harrow. It depends on how hard/often you bang the wall with your racquet.


It’s $235 USD as of March 2020. Not cheap.

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